After The Nightmares: DANCE

Ditto ❤

Sirena Tales

Getting up today after not just one doozy of a nightmare, but two, I was dragging around like a wet dish rag.  Still a bit shaken and, for sure, drained.

Food, caffeine and some deep breaths of fresh air helped a bit.  Yet, none of them really tuned me in to the morning.  Just as I was wondering if there were nothing I could do to revivify and really be present for this new day, a fave tune came on the sound system and without thinking, I shot up from the table and started to dance.

Yes!  How could I have forgotten?


For when we dance, we ground ourselves in the present and move energy through us.  We remind our bodies of all the wonders that they are and do…and they remind us of the same. We fire neural and mental pathways that may have been neglected and become flaccid…

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