Courage or Comfort: A Dialogue in Hip Hop

Sirena Tales

As much as I wanted to attend, I almost didn’t get myself to a recent hip hop class with some renowned master artists.  ‘Didn’t think my temperamental, 58-year-old joints and tetchy ego could handle it.

Then I found myself offering advice, perhaps a bit sanctimoniously, to my son about the profound importance of being open and having dialogues with people, whether through music, words, dance or otherwise. That creating and walking across those bridges is essential to vibrancy–for each of us and for the universe.

I suddenly realized that unless I wanted to be a total hypocrite, I would need to vacate my cozy comfort zone and hustle on over to class.  More important, if I stayed home, I would miss out on the abundant possibility that the class offered for the very dialogue I had been advocating.

When I arrived, I alerted the teachers that I might need to…

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