Conversation: Reaching Across The Space Between

Ruminating on dialogue, both kinesthetic and verbal, I find this post from the archives….Dialogue abounds in possibility, and hope.

Sirena Tales

I am standing in dance class, watching the gorgeous, masterful teacher demonstrate the movement for the umpteenth time.  Movement that is seemingly simple, yet turns out to be highly challenging, even for those of us who have been dancing for decades.  Movement that is unfamiliar and so we are trying to learn the new vocabulary.

I try the movement on again in my turn to dance across the floor.  The dance phrase is only four counts long, and yet in those four counts, we need to achieve numerous movements with arms, legs, torso and head…and with different timing and dynamics.  A polyrhythmic, dynamically multidimensional potpourri.

My brain is racing to send timely signals to the body. Even at full throttle on the mental end, I can feel how I am repeatedly missing many key components.  I kind of feel like a slow robot clunking, racing to catch up to the…

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