Showing Up: Life Lessons from Dancing

Showing up. I am showing up and exploring new territory on my new site, Hope you may show up there and visit :).

Mermaid and the Marsh

To show up is to be present, and open.  And ultimately, it is to be vulnerable.

I’ve been thinking a lot about showing up lately, as I am back at it with a dance class in a style that is less familiar and comfortable for me.  When the wonderful, wise teacher talks with us on the first day, she emphasizes that showing up is the most important thing we need to do for class. It’s the essential thing.

Simple? Yes.  Easy? No.

At least not much of the time.

As usual, the body doesn’t lie (thank you, Martha Graham).  When we show up, open up to the movement and the rhythm, we appear more at one with them. It seems as if the dance is dancing us.  Our gaze is aware and our energy percolates.  When we don’t show up the opposite happens: awkward movement, off the beat, lowered gaze…

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