Kindness, Kindness, Kindness

And, as I am ruminating over for my next post, kindness is infectious. Our gift of kindness just keeps on giving…and giving…and giving….

Sirena Tales


I think about kindness a lot.  Kindness is redemptive, heartwarming, inspiring, infectious, transformative–whether we are its witness, donor or recipient.  And we all know how a simple act of kindness can offer hope, light the way, save a life… or many lives.

Kindness is a radiant miracle.

As someone who practices kindness and has been blessed to receive and witness countless acts of kindness over the years,  I appreciate the enormous, magical power it carries.  But I get it now even more than I did  a week ago.

I had been slogging through a rough day–the anniversary of my dad’s death and the anniversary of my late mom’s birthday.  Yep–the same day.

Stumbling along, doing the best I could.  So, when someone I had thought was a friend launched into an unprovoked and stinging verbal attack on me, I was not only shocked, but also flattened.

I am sure she…

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