I’ve been passionate about dancing all my life.  Dance provides tremendous joy, challenge, physical exercise, creative outlet, beauty, collaboration, frustration, wonder.  It is therapeutic.  It is an affirmation and a prayer.

Since I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve realized more clearly how dancing provides a wonderful metaphor for living.   The illuminating lessons I’ve learned as a dancer, teacher, performer and choreographer apply readily and helpfully outside the dance studio and concert venue.

Lessons like how essential it is to a vibrant life to keep moving: mentally, physically, emotionally, soulfully. And how to be fully present in the moment.  Lessons emphasizing the importance of JOY, also of just showing up, of commitment, perseverance, aspiration, the healing power of creativity and art.

I love to dance, see dance, think about and create dance.  And  now I love writing about dance, both on its own terms and as a model for living as vitally as possible. Let’s dance!

Photo credit: Rich Davis

Photo credit: Rich Davis

3 Responses to DANCE

  1. Kokowrites says:

    I’ve always wished I had learnt to move body in dance steps that create, but I’ve come to know, our souls must dance too and we can find breath to let our words dance on. Thank you for opening the dance floor.

    • Well, I subscribe to the notion that all movement is dance, so your fingers dance as you write. And yes! Your words dance, and yours dance especially vibrantly I might add. Thank you for lovely comment that helped inspire that post I just wrote– it’s all dance. Dance on, sir! Looking forward to following you

  2. libramoon says:

    Group Description

    Welcome to the Healing Dance Network. I have been looking for a web between the various healing dance studies, theories, practitioners and proponents through which to find, share and expand on my own studies. I have been working with dance as a self-healing resource and looking intuitively and through on-line research to open my knowledge and understanding into the possibilities and realities of healing through dance. I am hoping you will let me know about your own search and findings and how we might work together to bring our learning further.

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