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Dancing in the sea….Dance Film (Video draft)

Dancing my ocean-inspired solo in the sea this summer and filming it got me psyched about the possibility of turning the footage into a dance film.  Either to accompany the performance of the larger piece or to show on its … Continue reading

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Santa Hat Chronicles: Baking for JOY! (recipe included)

And baking for as many as I can.  Yessirree, it’s time to fire up that temperamental, “vintage” oven of mine and crank up the BAKING, y’all. I just checked, and the local project (East Hartford, CT) for donating and packing … Continue reading

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The Magic of Good Enough

Disclaimer: I am a recovering perfectionist.  That said, I have come to appreciate that good is quite often, and perhaps almost always, good enough. Maybe it’s thanks to my age or my being a parent to several kids.  But what … Continue reading

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Originally posted on The Love & Life Project:
 Immersed in Darkness, I had no choice but to seek the Light, Slowly and painfully I crawled away,  I stood and inched forward. ‘Gold’ tapped me on my shoulder, ‘Come back’ It glimmered.…

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Originally posted on santahatchronicles:
Some of the response I received on my last post, “The tough job of being joyful,” has gotten me to examining my world view and my mission to spread joy.  As I rev up for my…

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Originally posted on santahatchronicles:
I’m consolidating my two sets of writing onto my Sirena Tales site at  I hope this will make things simpler and easier for reading what I’ve got to offer. My writing experience reminds me of…

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Originally posted on salixproductions:
Two Saturdays ago, I attended Elm City Dance Collective’s (ECDC) fall gala which took place at The Grove in downtown New Haven in the 9th district. They performed on Friday night and then on Saturday night…

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