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All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned from…Bodysurfing

Last summer at Cape Cod’s National Seashore, we enjoyed the best bodysurfing ever.  Day after sunkissed day the ocean rolled out amazing rides (and decent water temps). Bodysurfing.  Ahhhhhh.  There’s nothing quite like it.  You’re immersed in the water, rising with the swell of the wave, suspended for a moment … Continue reading

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Charms of the Week #3: Joy, Creativity, Art

Some sparkly ideas I’ve road-tested this week, offered to inspire, comfort, delight. 1) Helpful reminder: “….anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you.”–David Whyte 2) Random act of kindness (or Christmas vibe year-round):  Spontaneously buying the coffee … Continue reading

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Wild Horses

Adele Myers, the generous, fiery and and oh-so-talented choreographer, gave me that image when we were discussing why we dance and how we can sustain a high level of intensity in our dancing.  She likened it to untamed horses thundering through … Continue reading

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If Only I KNEW How: or, the exquisite agony of choreographing

Oxymoronic, no? Every. Single. Time. It’s so hard. Last night, driving in the dark night of winter to rehearsal, the familiar ropes of anxiety, hope, uncertainty, dread and excitement started knotting in my gut and clutching my throat.  What am I going to work … Continue reading

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Charms of the Week: #2

This Thursday’s offering of some things that have enchanted my week.  A wholly arbitrary collection of inspiring things to do, make, eat. If you’ve got one–or more!–please share. 1. Cheerleader for someone else’s dream:  Made a pointed effort to support other people’s dreams … Continue reading

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Flashmob of 1

Sounds oxymoronic, no? Mob. 1.  Diametrically opposed concepts. Yet, I am contemplating doing my own individual dance flashmob. Or flash-1. Flashsolo?  Smack dab in the middle of suburban suburbia. Why? 1) My eye-opening, joyful “Crosswalking” experience with the fearless Elm City Dance … Continue reading

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Charms of the Week: #1

Every Thursday.  Right here. I’ll be sharing a list of some enchanting things I’ve found or made or tried.  It’s part of my effort to keep the magic of Christmastime alive year-round.  A totally arbitrary collection of inspiring charms. And if you’ve … Continue reading

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