Dance: An Elixir of Hope



Tomorrow, I am volunteering at a school to assist a group of adolescent students create a dance together.  The themes they’ve chosen involve embracing our differences and love.

Some of the details of the project are still fuzzy.  And I have not yet met any of the students, nor been to the school before.

But one thing I am sure of, and it’s the important thing, is that this group of kids and their project represent hope.  You show me a person who has elected to collaborate in creating a dance, who has stepped up to the plate to dance with other folks, and I’ll show you someone who is open to possibility.

The possibility of learning from and with other people; the possibility of stretching beyond comfortable limits; the possibility of allowing the body, mind and spirit to move with those of other people and expand understanding; the possibility of exploring the inexpressible.

As I’ve said many times before, and as you already know if you have ever moved or danced, when we dance, we move energy through ourselves.  If you start out angry or sad or scared, you may end up with some of those feelings, but they will be mixed with other ingredients. Like buoyancy and grounding, like playfulness and rhythm, like flow and transcendence. And, of course, possibly sweat, confusion, frustration..but also joy!  Redemption! Triumph!

The body wants to move.  It was made to move.  And when the body moves with other bodies around it, it converses in a wise, mysterious, deep, primeval, and, absolutely, an empowering and healing tongue.  We create connections at a preverbal and hugely powerful level.

What would this world be like if we all moved and danced more together? It makes me smile to imagine.


In the meantime, tomorrow, I am volunteering at a school to assist a group of adolescent students create a dance together.  The positivity of the creative process will flow out into the universe.

And whatever the students come up with, the dance will exemplify cooperation, connection, openness and hope.  YES!  

The body never lies.”~Martha Graham

Photo credits: Top–Joe Sills; Bottom–Rich Davis

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4 Responses to Dance: An Elixir of Hope

  1. Jurist, they chose to work together. Then they chose such a beautiful theme. Toss you into the mix and it will be fab!

    • SirenaTales says:

      You are right, Emilie–it was fabulous. The students came up with so many cool ideas, and were open, creative, supportive. They created a wonderful dance…and really enjoyed the process. Thank you so much for your encouragement!

  2. diahannreyes says:

    Any chance of seeing this group work? I love that this is something that you do. I have a feeling you are the opposite of that trope of “strict teacher” and allowed them to find lots of freedom and flow and movement.

    • SirenaTales says:

      I wish I could post a video, Diahann, but won’t be able to, even if I am able to get a copy– for privacy reasons. I was just thinking about this adventure and am so pleased with how responsive the students were–another reminder to me of how important the arts are in everything, but certainly in public education. I so appreciate your time and support!

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